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Vps недорого сервер

Где разместить сервер

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  1. Установка Joomla 3 на Денвер это обобщающий пример установки системы на локальные сервера, созданные на отдельном компьютере.

  2. MySQL was owned and sponsored by a single for-profit firm, the Swedish company MySQL AB, now owned by Oracle Corporation. [9] For proprietary use, several paid editions are available, and offer additional functionality. The MySQL development project has made its source code available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as well as under a variety of proprietary agreements. MySQL (officially pronounced as /m aɪ ˌ ɛ s k juː ˈ ɛ l / «My S-Q-L»,[6]) is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). [7] Its name is a combination of «My», the name of co-founder Michael Widenius’s daughter,[8] and «SQL», the abbreviation for Structured Query Language.

  3. If you still have a performance problem even after you have applied all the recommendations (and gotten rid of everything that you shouldn’t have touched in the first place), the problem is probably somewhere else – bad queries, lack of resources, etc. Don’t get obsessed about fine-tuning the configuration – usually 10-15 variables will give you the most impact (you will find all of them here), and fine-tuning the variables is highly unlikely to have any additional benefits. It can do harm though.

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