Как перенести сайт с локального сервера

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как перенести сайт с локального сервера

как перенести сайт с локального сервера

Перенос сайта на хостинг

Протоколы удаленного доступа

Mysql запрос

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  1. The two forms are differentiated by the fact that absolute URIs always begin with a scheme name followed by a colon. 1 General Syntax URIs in HTTP can be represented in absolute form or relative to some known base URI [9], depending upon the context of their use.

  2. OTRS has the ability to merge multiple requests about the same incident, thus making it possible to work on an incident rather than on singular requests. [4] OTRS is a multiuser system which means that multiple agents may work simultaneously on the tickets in OTRS, reading the incoming messages, bringing them in order, and answering them. OTRS is highly scalable, capable of handling thousands of tickets per day and a nearly unlimited number of simultaneously working agents. Every ticket generated by the system has persistence or «history» showing what happened to the ticket within its life cycle.

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