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  1. Html#dom-messagechannel>MessageChannel() constructor looks up the incumbent settings object to use as the owner of the new script element: it was pushed onto the JavaScript execution context stack as part of ScriptEvaluation during the run a classic script algorithm. Since there are no Web IDL callback invocations involved, the context’s skip-when-determining-incumbent counter is zero, so it is used to determine the incumbent settings object; the result is the environment settings object of window. When the MessagePort objects, the topmost script-having execution context will be that corresponding to the

  2. The algorithm will asynchronously complete with either null (on failure) or a module script (on success). To fetch a single module script, given a url, a fetch client settings object, a destination, a cryptographic nonce, a parser state, a credentials mode, a module map settings object, a referrer, and a top-level module fetch flag, run these steps.

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