Создать сайт юкоз бесплатно

создать сайт юкоз бесплатно

создать сайт юкоз бесплатно

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создать сайт юкоз бесплатно

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  1. Here we separate the definitions in three documents: data type definitions, abstract definitions, and specific service bindings. Other types of definitions based on additional language extensions can be encoded and reused in a similar fashion. The use of this mechanism is of course not limited to the definitions explicitly presented in the example, which uses only language elements defined in this specification. This technique helps writing clearer service definitions, by separating the definitions according to their level of abstraction. The use of the import element allows the separation of the different elements of a service definition into independent documents, which can then be imported as needed. As a result, WSDL documents structured in this way are easier to use and maintain. It also maximizes the ability to reuse service definitions of all kinds. Example 2 below shows how to use this authoring style to define the service presented in Example 1.

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