Хостинг fatcow отзывы

хостинг fatcow отзывы

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The way they have renegged on their cancellation policy and held my domain to ransom demonstrates this host to be dishonest and mean. I cannot fault the package they offer and, if this project had not required window components that they were unable to deliver I would most likely still be with them. But isn’t that what a cancellation period is all about. An opportunity to find out if the facilities are a good fit or not.

хостинг fatcow отзывы

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FatCow. Обзор хостинга :: Скидка 50% на хостинг FatCow

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FatCow works hard to provide beginners with an easy to use platform to create and host their very first website and includes a wide range of tools and features that make it easy for even the web novice to create a great looking site. FatCow today provides a range of shared hosting options perfect for entry-level users all hosted in a 100% wind powered server farm.

Безлимитный хостинг сайтов на быстрых ssd дисках.

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