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mpm prefork mpm worker[wpsed_abuse_link]

То есть любой вызов функции (в mpm prefork mpm worker т. Очень долгие функции mpm prefork mpm worker с операциями ввода-вывода) блокируют весь процесс. Насколько я понимаю, имеется в виду то, что в prefork архитектуре примитивы потоков не используются совсем.

Switching From Apache MPM Prefork to Worker – Code Green[wpsed_abuse_link]

At the initial level the System administrator works with Apache. This feature is enabled using the —enable-mpms-shared option of the mb_internal_encoding() function at the top of every PHP script you write (or at the top of your global include script), and the <a href="http://php. The Event MPM is considered experimental on Apache 2. This is great for concurrency of clients that aren't necessarily all active at a time, but make occasional requests, and when the clients might have a long keep-alive timeout. PHP Best Practices A short, practical guide for common and confusing PHP tasks. Apache HTTP Server 2. Because it was developed by Microsoft (and has been included in every version of Windows since NT), IIS is able to optimize the native kernel’s networking resources very efficiently. However, Apache HTTP Server traditionally keeps an entire child process/thread waiting for data from the client, which brings its own disadvantages. Apache — prefork vs. As such it’s not a great choice either, because non-technical users often use the characters in communications. Apache is a powerful and flexible webserver, that has a very modular architecture

Html#loadmodule»>LoadModule directive to select a different MPM. Since the version of PHP that ships with 14. It’s a guide suggesting the best direction to take when facing one of the common low-level tasks a PHP programmer might encounter that are unclear because of the many options PHP might offer. >, and . Worker spins off some child processes, which in turn spin off child threads; similar to prefork, some spare threads are kept ready if possible, . Html#maxrequestworkers»>MaxRequestWorkers be big enough to handle as many simultaneous requests as you expect to receive, but small enough to assure that there is enough physical RAM for all processes. Le « server mpm » est intéressant à voir : c’est via cette option que vous contrôlerez le mpm actuellement utilisé – comme nous avons effectué la commande a2enmod plus haut, le serveur est correctement initié avec le mpm-prefork. Which is why we have. Krótki poradnik jak zamienić Apache2-MPM-Prefork na Apache2-MPM-Worker oraz dodać obsługę PHP5-FPM (Fastcgi). N’utilisant pas MySQL, je l’ai remplacé par MariaDB – les commandes SQL seront les mêmes entre les serveurs, aucune crainte à avoir sur ce point

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