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Ошибка «Failed loading /usr/local/Zend/lib/ZendExtensionManager. После этого, если вам будет php zend optimizer нужен какой-нибудь «нестандартный» модуль, имеющийся на официальном сайте PEAR, воспользуйтесь для его установки появившейся утилитой /usr/local/php5/pear. Для работы с PEAR — каталогом разнообразных модулей для PHP — нужно осуществить инициализацию PEAR: Скачайте http://pear. В состав базового пакета Денвера, помимо стандартного набора модулей, входят только следующие библиоткеки: sqLite, iconv, GD2, MySQL и MySQLi, PDO. Другие дополнительные модули (например, PostgreSQL, mbstring, и библиотеки PEAR и т. После установки и настройки пакета не php zend optimizer забудьте перезапустить Денвер.

php zend optimizer[wpsed_abuse_link]

In ADOdb5, active record implementation, we now support column names with spaces in them — we autoconvert the spaces to _ using __set(). Fixed handling of quotes in adodb_active_record::doquote. Removed MYSQLI_TYPE_CHAR from MetaType(). Option to delete old fields $dropOldFlds in datadict ChangeTableSQL($table, $flds, $tableOptions, $dropOldFlds=false) added. Modified several places to use list/each, including GetRowAssoc(). Added better support for using existing driver when $ADODB_NEWCONNECTION function returns false. Fix by Daniel Hassan. 991) Added mysql type ‘VAR_STRING’ to MetaType(). Added $conn->database as the property holding the database name. If you set error_reporting(E_ALL), all errors will be passed to the error handler. Improved oci8 SelectLimit() to use Prepare(). Php set to ‘L’ => ‘BOOLEAN’. Changed PrepareSP() 2nd parameter, $cursor, to default to true (formerly false). Added $gmt parameter (true/false) to UserDate and UserTimeStamp in connection class, to force conversion of input (in local time) to be converted to UTC/GMT. $errno must be numeric. Fixed some fr and it lang errors. Id=17200 Removed $arg3 from mysqli SelectLimit. If you define error_reporting(0), no errors will be passed to the error handler. Uses pg_unescape_bytea() correctly now in _decode. Simplified chinese file, adodb-cn

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Contributed by Walt Boring. Now calling Prepare() will work but the sql is not actually compiled. Added random property, returns SQL to generate a floating point number between 0 and 1; 4. _nconnect() in mysqli did not return value correctly. — Mateo Tibaquirá Added BIT data type support to adodb-ado. Tiraboschi Massimiliano contributed italian language file. Once this function is called for a connection object, that connection object will ignore the global variable $ADODB_FETCH_MODE and will use the internal fetchMode property exclusively. Some minor $ADODB_CACHE_CLASS definition issues in adodb. Deptkey points to dept_table. Added adodbFetchMode to sqlite

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