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Выводит большое количество информации о текущем состоянии PHP. Отдельные константы или битовые значения можно комбинировать с помощью оператора или. Эта маска передается в качестве необязательного аргумента php zend optimizer what. Ранее выводился только путь к конфигурационному файлу (php. Пример #1 Пример использования phpinfo() <. Вывод функции можно настраивать, передавая битовую маску из одной или более приведенных ниже констант (constants).

php zend optimizer[wpsed_abuse_link]

Fixed postgres connection bug: http://phplens. Active-record: locked bug fixed. Fixed typo in adodb-xmlschema03. Thx to ari kuorikoski. Improved OffsetDate for MySQL, reducing rounding error. Datadict name quoting now handles ( ) in index fields correctly — they aren’t part of the index field. Spelling error fixed in mysql MetaForeignKeys, $associative parameter. Fixed out of page bounds bug in _adodb_pageexecute_all_rows() Thx to «Sergio Strampelli» sergio#rir. Php has been revised to handle more ORDER BY variations. 4 reference return fixes. 1 and changed suggested root password to something more secure. 61 23 Feb 2005 MySQLi added support for mysqli_connect_errno() and mysqli_connect_error(). Patched MSSQL driver to support PHP NULL and Boolean values while binding the input array parameters in the _query() function. Thx Ryan C Bonham and others. 00 20 Oct 2003 Upgraded adodb-xmlschema to 1 Oct 2003 snapshot. Id=15531 DB2 will now return db2_conn_errormsg() when it is a connection error. Requires memcache module PECL extension. Added support for customizing ADORecordset_empty using $this->rsPrefix. Added SQLDate support for sybase. Changed to cast as timestamp

If the recordset has more than 1 column, the second column (fields[1]) is the value to send back to the web server. Simplified chinese file, adodb-cn. Adodb_date: Added support for format ‘e’ for TZ as in adodb_date(‘e’) Active Record: If you have a field which is a string field (with numbers in) and you add preceding 0’s to it the adodb library does not pick up the fact that the field has changed because of the way php’s == works (dodgily). Added proper support for ALterColumnSQL for Postgresql in datadict code. (Also in adodb 4. Fixes GetOne() Select-Limit problems. 06 16 Oct 2008 Added driver adodb-pdo_sqlite. Fix by Daniel Hassan. Fixed error handling for bad driver in ADONewConnection — passed too few params to error-handler. Added better error message support to oracle driver

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