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И его вариации, такие как J, Joom и т. По утверждению разработчика, с помощью этого расширения у него получилось уменьшить количество запросов к БД с 175 до 21. Проект Joomlaportal не относится к компании Open Source Matters или проекту Joomla. Для кэширования данных компонент поддерживает 3 популярных акселератора: APC, XCache и Memcached. Торговая марка Joomla® и логотип используются в рамках ограниченной лицензии, предоставленной Open Source Matters. Точки зрения представленные на данном сайте не являются официальными точками зрения Joomla Project или Open Source Matters.

$db = JFactory::getDBO(); // Execute the same database query 250 . Then, forget about it and focus on what matters – your content. Article IDs weren’t retained, menus / categories / modules poorly migrated. Thanks for the great idea. If not, it looks like I may be doing the individual un-banning inside Kunena’s interface which means 1 click per user times 1700 users. It looks like they are both 1. Компонент кэширования запросов к БД для Joomla с поддержкой APC, XCache и Memcached. Moore and Sons Builder is a national contractor specializing in tenant uplifts and commercial construction. A nice overview of the Joomla cache. However, clearly the new templates created for Joomla are FAR too complicated. The file is quite big — about 300 MB unzipped. Bringing together the world of content and commerce has made NopCommerce a universal choice for small to medium-sized businesses, and with Azure Websites, it can help your business thrive as well. I just realized after I purchased that it was the plus version that says it migrated images and all, but it doesn’t work with 1. Visual LightBox is a free wizard app that helps you easily generate popup image galleries with a terrific lightbox overlay effect, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code. But thanks to some very excellent support it got done. 5 and not having a deal of success with another tool. Hi there
You can select exactly what data you want to migrate during the migration process. Very responsive and Barnaby definitely knows his stuff. The http status is 304 (not modified). The Cavanaugh Flight Museum is a non-profit 501(c)(3) educational organization devoted to promoting aviation studies and to perpetuating America's aviation heritage

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What slows down the content is the way Joomla integrates the global assets table with the contents table,which makes complex calculations that get more complex as more content is saved. Any extension I have already installed. The
next request the cached pages are displayed bypassing any database queries. Joomla Cache from inside out Details Joomla Tutorials 26 Feb 2014 lets start with the definition of Joomla Cache : “The mechanism that offers users a stored view. And a final option is to go to Migrate Me > Configuration and set ‘overwrite content’ to ‘No’. 1 and Im running it on Mamp. The future is bright, thanks to Barnaby. I previously bought a different product — jUpgradePro. It looks like they are both 1. What you’ll need to do is download your template folder using FTP, and ensure all the files mentioned in the template xml file are included

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