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I think lee Rogers should write an article also mocking the filthy antifa slut as Andrew did. Let’s see how the kikes react. Let the kikes also unperson him. It will arise the general level of the holy hate to jews. That is all we need. And then go to the Deep Web. No kitten any more. Only swastikas and glorification of our White Heroes, the noble Nazis!

If we don’t exterminate the jews, they exterminate us. They is no other option.

Stand up and be counted in the Holy War against the unhumans! Excite Hate to Jews Everywhere! The Holy Hate in the Holy Hate Speeech!

If you say that someone should stand up and be counted, you mean that they should say publicly what they think, and not hide it or be ashamed of it.

The Shut Down of Infostormer.com by Evil Kikes

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
August 22, 2017

Infostormer.com contrary to popular belief was never a Neo-Nazi site. Its primary mission has always been to share kitten photos.

In addition to writing hundreds upon hundreds of articles for the Daily Stormer, Ive also simultaneously run a site at Infostormer.com on a part time basis. Its actually been operational for several years. Originally I obtained the domain name as something that could be used if the Daily Stormer went down. Ultimately though I used the domain name for my own blog posts.

Over the past three years, my site was banned from PayPal, Disqus, GoFundMe, Patreon and pretty much every other service that the Daily Stormer tried to use. Some of the times they would ban both of us simultaneously.

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Obviously, it was quite the challenge adapting to third party companies constantly trying to shut down your shit over hate speech or other nonsense.

As bad as all that was, it pales in comparison to what has happened since the Battle of Charlottesville. This has been a shut down of shut downs. There has never been such an organized attempt to shut down the political speech of a group on the Internet.

As I was coming home from Virginia, I saw that my site and forum were pulled down by the hosts. The site had become a bit of a rallying point for Daily Stormer regulars who were trying to get information on what was happening after GoDaddy refused to service the Daily Stormers domain registration. It looked like a bunch of Jews, feminists and faggots found out about it and were getting people to complain about the sites content. Thats what led to the sites getting booted.

When I got home, I tried to quickly hack together a solution to get the blog portion of the site back up on the Internet. The site came under immediate attack. Denial of service attacks, hacks etc. It has been relentless. Ive been left with no option but to regroup and look to obtain some serious infrastructure to host my data.

But who knows, even when Im able to get all my shit on properly secured infrastructure, they could just whine to the domain registrar(s) to end servicing my domain. If they did it with the Daily Stormer, theyll do it to me or anybody else who they perceive to be just as bad.

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Let me just say that it will be my ultimate goal to force them to do that. You people have pissed me the fuck off so I will go the extra mile to do this.

I mean fuck. All I want to do is post silly kitten photos and share my political ideas. Are these ideas really that dangerous? Apparently to them they are! Why else would so much energy and resources be used to shut down people posting stuff on the Internet?

The amount of resistance we are getting proves that we have won the battle of ideas. Their only recourse is to silence us into oblivion. They are doing some of the most insane and fucked up things imaginable in order to achieve this. People are noticing this.

Whats transpired over the past few weeks has marked a watershed moment in the history of the Internet. The Internet as we knew it before is dead. It will never be the same. In history books this moment in time will become known as the Great Internet Shut Down of 2017 or something like that.

While in many ways this is a sad thing, it has been a true honor to be a part of this very significant historical moment. The Daily Stormer has gone down in history as the first site to be banned from the Internet for political speech. Im very grateful to have been given the opportunity to write for the most banned website in Internet history.

Im also humbled to know that my Infostormer.com site is considered to be almost as dangerous.

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If you take a look at the sites that were most ruthlessly targeted in this massive shut down there is one common denominator they were all aggressively exposing Jews. I can assure you that this was not a coincidence.

Whatever the case, Im in this to the end.

If they keep shutting down my blog, Ill do podcasts!

If they shut down my podcasts, Ill protest in the streets!

No retreat! No surrender!

Hail Victory!


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